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Virtuo Evolve 180 3D


This electric fireplace belongs to the Virtuo series of atmospheric electric fireplaces. Fireplaces with unique features such as 100% electric, durable, realistic flame images, pleasant warmth and the sound of a crackling fire.

Buckley’s Craftmanship

Our fireplaces are crafted to order in our workshop in the heart of the Dublin Mountains. Standard delivery time is from 2-6 weeks. The first step to getting a new fireplace is having a survey of your home completed. Contact Buckleys today to have one of our certified professionals conduct a survey of your home.

With the Virtuo 180/3 Evolve, you can enjoy several ultra-realistic flame images from three sides. Together with the sound of crackling wood, an LED glow bed, and cosy warmth, these electric fireplaces are indistinguishable from real fire. And these 100% electric fireplaces have zero emissions, so nice and green!

The Virtuo is easy to operate and requires hardly any maintenance. All you need is a wall socket, and you can immediately enjoy the cosy atmosphere. Remote control RCE GF, Smartphone/tablet. The fire bed consists of natural looking coals and chips with glow stones together with beautifully crafted log set. The ultimate technology making it indistinguishable from a real fire.

Heat output:  Up to 2 kw



180 mm
380 mm