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Reflex 75T3 – Balanced Flue – Nat Gas

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The Reflex 75T comes with the Harmony10 remote control, which allows the homeowner to adjust the height and heat of the flames as well as set a daily or weekly schedule to suit their lifestyle. The fire can also be programmed to keep a specific room temperature while also controlling the EmberLight LED bed, which can be used with or without the flames.

Buckley’s Craftmanship

Our fireplaces are crafted to order in our workshop in the heart of the Dublin Mountains. Standard delivery time is from 2-6 weeks. The first step to getting a new fireplace is having a survey of your home completed. Contact Buckleys today to have one of our certified professionals conduct a survey of your home.

Product Information

  • Edge Frame
  • Glass Fronted Log Flame Effect
  • Up to 92% Gas Fire Efficiency
  • Up to 10.5kW Gas Heat Output
  • Flue Type: Balanced Flue Gas
  • 8.7kW Gas Heat Input
  • Slide Control System as standard


893 mm
1016 mm