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EVONIC 2400GF classic limestone


At almost 2.5m in width the Evonic E2400 is one of the biggest built in electric fires we supply. A high-definition glass front panel ensures your view of the flame effect is not interrupted. You can choose to add the included glass panels on either side of the fire so you can view the flames from every angle possible making the Evonic E-series E2400 the greatest focal point within your home.
Features include woodland or silver birch logs on the fuel bed, a 750/1500w heater and dual animation flame effects. The party flame effect will create a contemporary aesthetic with rainbow colours blending together, while the evoflame effect will guarantee a cosy atmosphere reminding you of a traditional open fire with an orange glow.

Buckley’s Craftmanship

Our fireplaces are crafted to order in our workshop in the heart of the Dublin Mountains. Standard delivery time is from 2-6 weeks. The first step to getting a new fireplace is having a survey of your home completed. Contact Buckleys today to have one of our certified professionals conduct a survey of your home.